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MiniCrypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum (fullscreen)

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A minipage to be opened on your smartphone or any other device screen like a screensaver. For smartphones, Samsung, Apple iPhone, Android and other devices.
It will display BTC/USD or ETH/USD exchange rates and auto-refresh every 10 minutes. This way you can display the crypto exchange rates always on, and up-to-date.


Screenshots of the Bitcoin and Ethereum price mini page, as of May 30th, 2024:

bitcoin-price-mini-page ethereum-price-mini-page


Open now to see the Bitcoin price chart on a mini page.

MiniClock: Digital clock (fullscreen)

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A minipage displaying a digital clock, to be viewed on your smartphone (Android or Apple iPhone) or any other device.
It will display the current date and time (with or without seconds) like a screensaver and automatically refresh. In addition, the page displays the current exchange rates Bitcoin and Ethereum (USD).


Screenshots of the clock time mini page, as of May 30th, 2024:

clock-mini-page clock-mini-page-2


Open now to see the current date/time including Bitcoin, Ethereum exchange rates as screensaver.

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